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"ISRAEL SHOULD NOT EXIST".......says Jewish Rabbi

Rabbi from Jews United Against Zionism explains that Zionism is antithetical to what Judaism is all about. They have converted a spiritual religion into a material one.

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Comment by Jewish betrayer
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This video is telling you how the Zionist Jews betrayed Germany to get Palestine:

Comment by Anonymous
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 Anybody against anybody has a mental disorder. Anyone against us is suffering a mental disorder.  How can they be against us when we are so kind to them? That's what we believed -- some kind of a mental disorder.

Comment by German pride
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What did the Americans do with Germany? First they financed the man from Austria, Mr. Adolf Hitler, to come into the power. Then they let Poland and England provocate Germany to come into the war, then they supported one of the biggest mass-murderer, Stalin, and the communist Soviet Union to occupy half of Europe and a big part of Germany in the World War II, then they occupied the Western part of Germany by themselves. They have stolen anything that was useful for them out of Germany and got the biggest advantage ever for their society in this way, they took out the highest skilled people from Germany and let them work for the US, and after World War II they made a big dirty campaign against Germany saying our great culture with Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin, Beethoven, Bach, Immanuel Kant, Albert Schweizer and so on is evil. They taught us we should poison each other with tobacco instead of developing our spirit and culture, they brainwashed us over their always lying Zionist mass-media, telling us that it is freedom to poison the air from our fellow men with tobacco and enforce second-hand smoking. Also they kept home schooling illegal, but Germany was the best home schooling country in the past out there in the world. The US just copied this great German tradition but then made it illegal in Germany after they occupied us. Also they told us, killing our children (abortion) is freedom. We are tired of USrael always lying about the greatest culture out there in the world, that is the old German culture. We will get our proud back and give a shit about the lies the Zionist mass media spread out into the world about Germany. Germany was in the past the best place for the Jews. They became wealthy and powerful as immigrants and Germany. Then the cheated us like they do with everybody else. They have used, abused, tricked and cheated us and now they are continuing with their dirty shit against all the good and awakening people out there in the world. I demand at least 100 Trillions of compensation from the Jews for the crimes they have done against the greatest culture (besides India) out there in the World: Germany. And I want to make it clear: If all the Jews would be like this Jewish gay in the video (if he is serious) then I would not be against the JEWS, I would even welcome then. But this gay is representing probably less the 1% from the Jews, because usually they are always lying, cheating, betraying and killing even their best friends. I would never trust a Jew!

Comment by Sovereign Germany
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Also we want your soldiers and CIA/Mossad-spies going out of our great country, Germany, immediately. We are tired of the USraelis torturing and killing good people and even children all around the world. We are not willing to except your evil control-system against Germany any longer. Go out of our country - now!

Comment by German Soul
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Hi Tom W. you said that the Psychiatrists call Anti-Zionism a mental disorder. But in the reallity Zionism is the true mental disorder! Psychiatrists are usually seriously mentally ill and at the same time they are a dangerous thread towards the human society. Just take a look at the former Sowjet Union or other communist countries: The psychiatrists put people that did not go along with the criminal government into their concentration camps, so called hospitals. And in the communist occupied part of Germany (so called German Democratic Republic) the Psychiatrists called it a mental illness to read the Bible (just take a look at Lembke/Remmert: "Lehrbuch der Neurologie und Psychiatrie"). And you should not forget that communism is a Zionist creation (more about this at This is just the usual way of the evil Zionists to get away with people if they do not like their opinion. Zionism is the worst thread out there nowadays against the human race, against the freedom and against the peace. Zionism is the real mental disorder! And you can see it on the fruits: They are always creating suffering, chaos, destruction, slavery and death. If we cannot stop the evil spirit of the darkness, means Zionism, we all will get destroyed! The Zionist are evil, insane and power-addicted monsters. Just realize what the Zionist company British Petroleum is doing right know: poisoning big parts of the planet and especially the US on purpose! But what are the US-Americans doing? You have the constitution, the bill of rights, a lot of wealth and the power nearly all over the world and you do not have the courage to catch and punish these Zionist mass-murderers and put them into the prison? What are your police doing over their and your court-system? What did you make out of all your freedoms and privileges? Just to serve the Zionist to enslave and destroy the whole world? Shame on you, stupid cowards! At least now you have to realize that the monster you did feed for decades is destroying you too! I just feel really sorry about the Native Americans. They got killed like animals in the past from the immigrants, and the few that did survive have to experience now how British Petroleum and other Zionist international corporations destroy their whole country. Do not buy anything from the Zionists corporations anymore. At least do this!

Comment by Found Zero
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This guy again. His street stuff is higher-powered. He gets all riled up, it's pretty funny because he looks gentle as a lamb.

It's always so important to separate people from politics. Zionism is a political theory. Jewish people include really deep and interesting people like this dude. Plus they write really awesome software documentation.

I'm kind of hung on Jewish cuisine. Lox, cream cheese, red onion and tons of black pepper on an everything bagel totally rocks. Matzos and white fish? Eh. Not so much.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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"Is Jew Flu a bona-fide illness? Michael Welner, a psychiatrist at New York University, suggests that Jewish Anti-Semitism is akin to a personality disorder" WTF? What the hell will you guys come up with next. Now, compassion is an illness and hate is sane? So someone who is a Jewish Anti-Semite is someone filled with self-hatred? I don't think so. The reality is that this is someone who understands the difference between a Jew and a Zionist. One can live peacefully among those of other faiths, the other cannot.

Doesn't this make you an Anti-Semite for bashing a Jewish Rabbi? I think so.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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See the movie "Religioulous" and see the look on this man's face being in a room filled with Islamic jihadists while he shook the hand of Iranian President Mahmood Ahmedinajad during a Holocaust denial conference in Iran.

From the look on this man's face, it looked like he feared for his life and wondered if he would get out of the TV studio alive.

He obviously suffers from "Jew Flu":

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