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G20 cops ‘threatened women with rape’

Journalists covering the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada, last weekend have accused the local police of threatening them with rape, using male officers to strip-search young women, and even inappropriately touching an underage girl. Four reporters have filed complaints with the province of Ontario's police oversight agency. According to the Canwest News Service, those four include Jesse Rosenfeld, a freelancer for the UK's Guardian whose alleged beating at the hands of Toronto police was chronicled on Twitter, as well Amy Miller of the Alternative Media Center. Miller told a press conference earlier this week that she had her press pass ripped away from her and was "throttled by the neck and held down" while trying to record a confrontation between police and protesters. She was detained for 13 hours in a cage in a converted film studio on the city's east side, along with about 25 other women. "I was told I was going to be raped, I was told I was going to be gang-banged, I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure that I would be repeatedly raped while I was in jail," Miller said.

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Comment by Die Daily
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Aargh. Just think about what a moronic pussy you have to be in order to fail to stop a few dozen punks with your 20,000 man highest-tech army. Good news, though. Even my Liberal Humanist mom now thinks it was false flag!!! She's the ultimate barometer. When she started to question Obama I knew for sure there was sea change in the works. She even used the word "nanny state" yesterday! I just about spat out my drink. WTH is going on? Are we winning that big?

Comment by Die Daily
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'Officers "showed remarkable restraint in the face of enormous provocation," he added.'

Yeah, they were so freakin' restrained they let 50 scrawny punks trash their town right under their noses. Personally, if I had 20,000 armed men at my disposal, I would have left 19,900 manning "the walls" and gone and dealt with those little foundation-funded black block beeatches with the other hundred. The 11,000+ other protesters would have been showering my little cohort with rose petals, wreaths and adoring smooches while I was the LRAD announcing "there you go citizens, now you may now carry on and have a proper protest, we're awfully sorry about the nuisance".

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Makes sense.  They are used to certain on the job perks. It is only going to get worse.

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