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The Uncontrolled Gusher Will Devastate America: Yes, But That's The Idea

Anything that affects America on such a scale would have a knock-on effect economically across the world - another bonus for the cabal which is seeking to create maximum chaos on every front to instigate the global problems to which it will offer its global solutions - a world political and military dictatorship.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The devastation of America? How devastated can any country become? How many Americans that are alive today were alive 100 years ago? How many are 200 years old?

Nobody likes pain. Nobody likes to look at the idea of his own death. Yet, that is the norm, even though it takes more than 100 years in some cases.

If you love the pattern that the America of today is in, the political pattern, the freedom pattern, the pattern of moving always towards death, then fight for America. America is not what it was 100 years ago. It is not what it was 50 years ago. It has changed because of what it was all along, just as people grow old because it was inherent in them all along.

To whom will you bequeath your America when you pass on? Won't it be to a bunch of people who have done just as you have, a bunch of folks who will figure ways around the noble Black Letter Law so that they can harm each other just as people are doing today?

There is only one basis for all, only one that works for all, personally. It is to adhere to Divine Principle as He is found in the Bible.