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Newsweek editor asks: ‘Why are we fighting a major war in Afghanistan?

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Since the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal as the commander of US forces in Afghanistan and CIA Director Leon Panetta's admission a week ago that there may be no more than fifty to a hundred al-Qaeda members in that nation, there have been increasing signs of a loss of support for the Afghan War.

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    Why are we fighting a major war in Afghanistan? Are you kidding me? As if this Newsweek editor is not in the business of lying -- when the answer is to make a despicable liar out of Obama. Check the records. When Obama was Senator he finger-pointed at then President George W. Bush and poked him on the eyes for sending our troops to what he called "illegal" wars in Iraq and Aghanistan. Where is Obama's mouth now? If we stop this "illegal" war as Obama's split person's freaking mind says it is, then it will not make his other half a liar, get it?