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*The Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves*

• Scrump @ GLP
I'm disgusted... I'm absolutely amazed by the agenda-driven destruction that I'm witnessing... in slow motion. At the bottom of this disaster are Monsters... not people... there's no way to classify the vermin that are allowing this to take place as Human. No way. The Traitors that infest the various seats of Power in Washington D.C. are intentionally allowing our Gulf to die... TWENTY SEVEN Countries have offered assistance in this Disaster... starting on the 29'th of APRIL. Denied. The Gulf should be FILLED with skimmers & booming crews.. oil-vacuuming barges & tankers.. the beaches should be COVERED with Human & mechanical cleaners... the affected areas should be blanketed... with those who would save us. They're Not. International (offered, denied), Federal (non-existent), State (offered, denied), and Private (offered, denied) rescuers (if it were being done, a proper description of the operation at this point would be RESCUE... but it's not being done) should

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