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Today on - Wednesday June 7th 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Desperate Troubles Ahead
Gary North on black swans and bank leverage.
Republicans, Democrats, Suckers
Thomas Sowell on how the same old con game is played over and over in DC.
Outrage Ahead
A devastating chain of events is coming, involving government union pensions, municipal bonds, and bailouts, says Jim Rogers.
The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar
Henry Hazlitt on Murray Rothbard and sound money.
Why the Neocons Hate Michael Steele
He sounded like a Ron Paulian. Article by Pat Buchanan.
Homemade Rockets, Potato Cannons, Long-Range Pumpkin Catapults
William Gurstelle on the world of underground technology.
Did Federal Operatives Help Kill Kennedy?
Yes, says ex-FBI agent Wesley Swearingen.
Want To Be More Manly?
Eight tools that could change your life. Article by Wayne M. Levine.
When Water Can Kill You
And not by drowning.
The Monumental Scam Called the TSA
A new movie, "Please Remove Your Shoes," blows the whistle.
No, the FBI-CIA-NSA Can't Unlock Every Type of Encryption
It is possible to protect your computer's privacy, says Mark Nestmann.
A Peak into the Real Census
Bureaucrats use the phone book and internet to dummy-up thousands of completed forms.

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