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Crack the Code in Cyber Command’s Logo

• Noah Shachtman via WIRED

The U.S. military’s new Cyber Command is headquartered at Ft. Meade, Maryland, one of the military’s most secretive and secure facilities. Its mission is largely opaque, even inside the armed forces. But the there’s another mystery surrounding the emerging unit. It’s embedded in the Cyber Command logo.

On the logo’s inner gold ring is a code: 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a

“It is not just random numbers and does ‘decode’ to something specific,” a Cyber Command source tells Danger Room. “I believe it is specifically detailed in the official heraldry for the unit symbol.”

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Comment by Die Daily
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What a bunch of morons we have in Cyber Command. Can you imagine something as trivial as taking the MD5 Hash of their mission statement and putting it around their logo? That's the best puzzle these idiots could come up with? Pathetic. My 14 year old daughter cracked this in under an hour and she's not even much into computers. I was working it from the Latin angle. I wrote a C# program, which hashed "every possible" two-word Latin phrase (about 50,000 stems, so 2,500,000,000 possibilities) and my freakin' kid nails it before my run was even 3% finished. And she did it with no tools other than the windows clipboard, an internet browser pointed at a free website that uses JavaScript to calculate MD5 hashes! Man, I am choked!

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