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Today on - Thursday July 8th 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Repeal the Drinking Age
Jeff Tucker on the evil of any sort of prohibitionism.
Gun Liberty
Laurence Vance on our armed past and future.
Get a Sales Job
Robert Wenzel's advice to new grads with subprime degrees.
They Warned Us
Walter Williams on the founders' vision vs. out-of-control government.
Lying Shills for War
John Pilger on the media brigade.
What's 10 to the 27th Power?
If Austin Sendek is successful, it'll be a “hella” number. Article by Steve Chawkins.
The Very First Step in Survival Prep
A well-planned extra set of clothing is critical.
6 Famous Things From History
That everyone pictures incorrectly.
We're Starving the Beast
Expect lots of government layoffs at the state and local levels at least. Article by Paul Davison.
Why the .380 Handgun Boom?
With modern ammo, it's a serious self-defense weapon. Article by Patrick Sweeney.
The Same Oiled Bird, Over and Over Again?
Howard Portnoy on Obama's oil-spill suspension of the first amendment.
Better Fats Than Carbs
Andrew Weil challenges the conventional wisdom.

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