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Today on - Friday July 9th 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010
Will Ron Paul Run for President?
Read this and see what you think. Article by Mark Preston.
Contempt of State
It's an indispensable virtue, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
Is Profit Un-Christian?
Gary North on a one-man refutation of this evil nonsense.
We Can Block the Federal Octopus, Now
Tom Woods explains.
The Crime of 'Eminent Domain'
We're all Indians now, says Will Grigg.
Seriously Underpriced Silver
The Mogambo Guru on bankster scams in the precious metals futures markets.
Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul
The warmonger-libertarian split in the tea-party movement is the 2012 race prefigured. Article by Alex Mooney.
Sell Bonds, Buy Silver and Rice
Ag commodities are desperately cheap compared to 20, 30, 40 years ago, says Jim Rogers.
Obama Cannot and Does Not Want To 'Create Jobs'
He wants to redistribute money from the productive to the non-productive. Article by Andrew Mellon.
Legendary Secret Societies
Of the US power elite.
Do You Have a Basic Emergency Kit in Your Car?
Be prepared to help yourself.
No Job, No Career, No American Dream
Recent grads mope at Mom and Dad's for the offer that may never come. Article by Louis Uchitelle.

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