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David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Humanity’s Last Chance

David Icke understands that now humanity faces the fact that the New World Order is going to throw everything it can at us, including the famine, economic collapse, and war.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The gifts given to us by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and a host of others, are tremendous, wonderful, and profound. These men were the thinkers of their day (likely their wives contributed behind the scenes). Yet they were and lived as common people.

So, what did they give us? They gave us a momentary respite, an interlude, among the hardships of life.

You see, the reality of life is ultimate failure in every area of life. But, at the same time it is hope. The founding fathers expanded the hope briefly, by what they gave us.

They never meant it to be a cure-all. They never meant it to be the end of all trouble and hardship. They only hoped that the rest of us, just as they had, would pick up the upholding of the things that make a marginal peace work.

Go and ask them what they meant by all the things that they did. You can't. They aren't here. Sure, you can look at their writings, and try to decipher the true meanings and intentions. But you can't ask them, personally.

One hundred years from now, we will all be gone, just as they have been gone for a long time now. The point and the question is, what are we really trying to do? The answer comes in two parts:
1. Benefit ourselves;
2. Benefit those who follow us.

Look at the founding fathers. Their personal benefit, benefit derived from forming a nation, did not last for them. They were hunted and harmed throughout all their days by the different forms of the Big Banking Industry.

Yet, what they gave us benefited us. It protected us somewhat from the Big Banking Industry - which is now encroaching on our freedoms in many different ways.

Will we win? Perhaps, a little, like the founding fathers. But what we are really fighting for is the principal of freedom for all.

No matter what happens, we won't be around for long. Yet may our gift to others, a legacy of temporary peace and prosperity through freedom, be extended as far and wide as possible, just as was that of the founding fathers to all who followed them.

The Big Banking Industry will fail, though it may not be an easy thing.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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After I published an article on FP about Myths and Facts of conspiracy theories, on comment made by Eric New said I should not compare Alex Jones with David Icke. Well now that Jones is having Icke (a closet anti-Semite) on his program, I think its pretty safe to assume that both charlatans are pretty much on the same page since Jones is going to have Icke on his program. For those of you who would like to read the article I wrote about conspiracy theories, you can do so here. While doing so, I hope it helps pull the wool off from your eyes:

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