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Tamworth Millionaire Program

Please watch this important message from the Citizen’s Realty Advisory Program outlining the Tamworth Millionaire Program (T.M.P.): a bold new initiative the Tamworth Selectmen have embarked upon to help struggling residents through these difficult economic times by drastically increasing their net worth. Find out how you too can become an overnight multi-millionaire simply by criticizing the actions of Tamworth politicians. This film may also be educational for other emotionally insecure, brazen, morally bankrupt politicians outside of Tamworth who are looking to increase tax revenue in their own towns.
Selectman Willie Farnum, prior to a public meeting, openly described his policy for dealing with the few hundred privacy minded families who did not give their permission for the tax assessor to enter their homes during last year’s re-assessment: evaluate the interior of their homes at the highest level possible (assume the interior of an old Tamworth farm house is encrusted with granite countertops and $800 faucets, for example), and residents will come to the Selectmen begging to have the assessor in their home when they see their tax bill. This policy could account for the first million dollars of my assessment, but John Roberts’ motion, seconded by Farnum, to increase my assessment to four million dollars is clearly a perpetuation of their objection to folks speaking out against them that started with former Selectman Tom Abugelis’ public flogging for a letter-to-the-editor criticizing the mentality of town government. I can’t imagine the Selectmen will fess up to their assessment being a punitive measure, but a four million dollar price tag on an unfinished single-family home and a 36′x36′ barn speaks for itself.

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