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The Three Venal Stooges Go To Israel

For the last few days, this psychotic trio of serial killers were in their beloved homeland of Israel, licking the hand that feeds them and performing renditions of John McCain’s favorite tune: “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran” to an audience of likeminded Israeli warlords. Actually, what was said behind closed doors can only be speculated. But, considering the track record of these three filthy war criminals, you can be almost certain that the blood sacrifice of your children and the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent Persians were among the highlights discussed by these well-fed senior citizens as they stuffed their sagging jowls with caviar and sipped champagne from their thin, purple lips.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Hey just for one flicker of a second this morning I saw all these outragrous graphics and perhaps had an understanding of how the general public must see us.

Man we're a bunch of twisted bots. Especially since Seepy showed up and started throwing dust into the air for the pure thrill of it.

But I think it's clear now who the real troll is around here, the one who gets to comment on everything but he never has to say anything. The one who can take the most innocuous article and make it a whithering commentary on you, me and everybody else. Who else but our own Powell Gamil. The Troll De La Trolls. The Silent Troll.

Yes friends, beneath the shy and retiring demeanor lurks something more sinister than most people can possibly imagine: A SHY AND RETIRING ANARCHIST.

There are several things in life that are inherrantly dangerous: the skinny biker who has to fight everybody to prove he's big, the meth-head who has no talent for theivery (they must resort to murder) and a shy and retiring anarchist (they can subtly lampoon you to death and you don't even know it).

Doubt me foolish humans? You are already dead, you just don't know it yet. After all, you just looked at Dick Cheney's bare ass.

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