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Cops Go Ballistic Over Camera Dissent

• CameraFRAUD - The Cameras are Coming Down
A giant sombrero placed over a Redflex ticketing machine in Paradise Valley, Arizona was stomped on and destroyed by town police officers before being placed in the back seat of a cruiser. CameraFRAUD volunteers had gathered at the “scamera” location in the upscale Phoenix suburb late last month to assist a production crew from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in obtaining footage...

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Comment by Die Daily
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Oops, remind me to reverse-translate that as a test next time. "You are an enchilada fun" is not exactly what I was trying to say, lol. Btw, guys, the cops will beat the racism rap...they were simply "paying respectful homage to the fine tradition of the Mexican hat dance".

Comment by Die Daily
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Oyate, usted es una enchilada muy divertido!

Comment by Found Zero
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Buenos dias! Yo soy "El Oyate", e soy un activisto. Si quieres my papeles, tengo mucho. Las Rizzlas, los Jobes, tenemos papalles que sabor alas frescas. Quanto quierre Jeffe? Los no son barrato amigo, cholo, mi mujero. Muestrame lo dinero vato.

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