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Clueless Classless Leadership Leads to Arizona Lawsuit

Mr Obama, You rule by the will of the people. This is something that you, your cronies, and all too often the Republican leadership has forgotten in the past and are certainly ignoring today. While I am sure you feel that you can do some good for the Democrat politicians…. oops – I mean the Mexican people you are allowing to cross the border like a flood through a hay bale, you are harming the American way of life with your purely political take on this situation. At this time, ICE prosecutions have dropped over 50% in this country since YOU took over. Can’t blame that on Bush.

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      Wow …! This dressing down of Obama is a boot camp stick that beats the bulge of his crooked back to straighten him up. The beating starts with raining blows on Obama as a liar and ends up calling him an irresponsible coward for suing Arizona. 

       I noticed that with a litany of Obama’s deceptions enumerated and discussed in this write-up, what is so peculiar about the author is that he never called Obama a liar [there is no need to?]. What is clearly projected though is that Obama is MORE THAN JUST A LIAR. I have neither scientific capacity nor medical pretensions to determine what it is, but I think psychiatrists as a name for it. And tragically I have to remind everyone that it is a great shame to the American people! Is he not the President of the United States?

       But come to think of it – the greatest smuggler of illegal aliens into the country are not those armed bandits across the border but the Democratic Party leadership. Using a birth certificate that was reportedly fake, DMC’s success in this underground business knocks out my credulity for smuggling Obama to the Oval Office!

        Arizona wanted to stop this terrible practice by passing a law, especially against illegal aliens smuggled into the country just like how DMC smuggled Obama to the White House. Who do you think is suing Arizona? Of course who else -- Obama.


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