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Energy efficient light-bulbs may not only destroy your health, they change your behavior...

• h.e.s.e. project

I knew they had been fast-tracked, and about the mercury, but I was shocked at just how bad the new lighting might be. Would you be surprised that C3H lab mice under eco-lighting had HALF the lifespan of the natural light control group and, wait for it Frosty, litters of 1-2 instead of the 6-15 in the control group? Or, that the EM radiation weakens human muscles, until shielding is added at which point muscle strength and tone return? Or that they increase human aggression and confusion? They can induce (to quote a few) ALS, ADH, Autism, Cancer, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Headaches, Hyperactivity, Irritability, MS, Nausea, and Photosensitivity?

Well, now you do. While the science is not settled, it's unlikely that it will be anytime soon, since anyone attempting to do it will lose their next NSA grants and wind up on one of the various "denier" blacklists. When Lord Monkton called the COP15 greenie goons “Hitler Jugen” I had no idea how right he was...

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