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How to Harvest Milk Thistle

Instructions for harvesting Milk Thistle. 

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Comment by Sally Conroy
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 I cannot believe this.  This morning I spent 3 hours pulling out 300 milk thistle plants which became visible after the cows ate up the undergrowth.  I then googled on thistles and they were milk thistles and I discovered their medicinal value.  I will stop eradicating them from now on and try using them for the leaves, flowers and seeds.  I will introduce the plants to the cows too.

Thank you from your website and Google.



Comment by Peach Dog
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God bless you, Oyate. Isn't it amazing how we have been given everything in nature to cure our ailments, but are taught from the time we are children to trust in "man's" cures, not God's? Stay on your path of rediscovery. Maybe your ailment was really a blessing in disguise that was meant to help you find greater knowledge and truth than you would have had otherwise? Nothing is a coincidence. All the best to you.

Comment by Found Zero
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Never "nuff said" sister Lynn. Sister Lynnister. Lynnister minister. 

There's this whole philosophy of living WITH a disease. Herbs like milk thistle and dandelion and stuff helps you live with it. I was literally dying trying to beat my disease. And don't doubt the fact that I was mentally freaking out had something to do with it. I suffered anguish, fear, all kinds of crap I'm just not constructed for. The doctors were no help atall, I wasted a bunch of money on them, the only thing that helped was my native elders when I went crying to them and screaming "holy crap I'm gonna die" and they were like "fine, big deal, what are you screaming about? Stop it, you are waking up the children".


And I was like "oh yeah, we're not supposed to be afraid to die right?"

And they were like "yup and you are acting like a dick".


And I looked down at my feet because I was embarrased and this dandelion flower was looking back up at me and it said "hey, take me home and drink me, I'll make you feel better". And the plants said "we are FOR YOU".


And I said "if I gather and dig you all up, won't there be less of you?" and the plants said "you keep consuming us and we'll keep growing, that is the deal, that is the way, that is how it is".


Oyate's herbal survival guide:

1. Milk thistle

2. Dandelion

3. Sage

4. Licorice

5. Mint

6. Comfrey

7. Coltsfoot

8. Mullein

9. Jorubeba (jungle stuff, alien to your taxonimy)

10. Una de gato (jungle stuff, alien to your taxonimy)

11. Quanaksh (jungle stuff, alien to your taxonimy)

12. Tons of mint to make the preceeding palatable

13. Tons of honey and washed raw sugar to help the honey make the preceeding taste more palatable.

I also grow onions and garlic and I'd like to try ginger because it's pretty good for you and I also de-acidify my system by drinking lots of cranberry juice. And I feel pretty good these days. Not really all that bad.

Contrast this to how I felt when the doctors told me "it" had metasticized into cancer and they wanted to start me on chemo. Oh to hells with that man. I told them to take a long walk off a short pier. They told me option A and they told me option B and I lifted a single-finger salute and said "here's option C and it's got my name all over it".

Brothers and sisters, my beloved brother Jeff, they chemod him to death. It was not a good way to go. He was brave and heroic but it was just not good. There's some things, some challenges in life where you are better off dead. I dunno. Maybe other people don't have our spiritual beliefs. When I die I get to see my brother again, my beloved first wife and my daughter, all of my ancestors, we go to a hoe-down, this bigass jamboree in the sky. For umpti-gazillion generations my people have been winking at each other from our death beds and saying "see you next time" or "next time it will be better".

And maybe this reassurance helps us to find the right medicines and just live now. I'll tell you for a fact, I'm here right now because I got back the enthusiasm. I'm here because I'm curious to find out what happens next. God put these plants here to help us deal with challenges. The plants help me to understand that I'm just human and I need help sometimes.

Praise God the most high and thanks to the wonderful web of life with which we can meet any challenge. Praise to the 4 Directions which God put in place to take care of us. Praise to my brothers and sisters of the R3VOLUTION and in their various other orders who are brave and strong even when I am not. Praise to our children who will live and bring the message of liberty and our medicines to future generations.


Praise to me, Oyate, because fuck man, I really wanted to see this day, when the seeds of liberty were cast so far and wide that there's so many of us now that nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing, not one thing can stop us now.

Comment by Lynn Christen
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 Did you know...

Milk of Thistle will repair a damaged liver.

Nuf said.


Comment by Found Zero
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Okeedokey, I shouldn't give half medicine, I should give the whole. 

There's a dangerous herb called licorice. It tadtes pretty yummy if you like licorice or fennel or stuff like that. But it's an immuno-supressive. And when I'm sympomatic, I will take licorice because my immune system is basically always on high alert and it's trying to fight something it can't beat.
And it was killing me.


With the restorative powers of milk thistle and basically  telling my immune system to chill, I can function on a certain level that doesn't include me praying for death. Swear by my Gods and ancestors, with no medical insurance, I really feel like Milk Thistle and Dandelion root gives me this second lease on life. I'm living proof. It works.

Comment by Found Zero
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YES YES YES! Barbara beat me to it. And it's better from an authoritative source like Barb but check this out:


There are all these really pretty purple flowers all over NAZ right now. I was like "what is the name of those pretty flowers?" and somebody said "Milk Thistle" and I was like "holy crap, I pay money for that from Frontier Herbs" and I started harvesting the stuff. I got piles of it now.


Now here is the real zimmy-zang. Some of you know I am sick. Real sick. Sick bad like to want to die. Milk thistle in combination with some other herbs, I really feel like it's keeping me alive. I'm totally serious and you can ask Ed or Renee because for a while there I was literally making my goodbyes. I was pretty sure I was gonna die. I sure felt like it.

Now I can feel my enthusiam coming back and I feel strong for the first time in years. Milk Thistle. It's good stuff.

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