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Political Bloggers: Is It Time to Leave America?

But, the idea of the kill switch hints that the government is indeed scared of the internet. If they can't shut down the entire net, they will, when they deem it necessary, shutdown political bloggers who don't support the regime. How they actually shut things down is not exactly something I want to hang around to find out. While medical doctors and political bloggers, are at the top of the list, others may be able to survive without much government harassment. There is little reason, at this time. for, say, the government to harass a Southern California surfer dude or, perhaps, a Maine lobsterman. The surfer dude and the lobsterman may be able to stick it out under totalitarian conditions for a long time, and live comfortably. The answer to when someone should leave America is a personal one. But it is better to be years too early than a day to late. Ludwig von Mises saw what was coming in Austria and he left, while many other Jews failed to act and were killed. But that doesn't mean everyone had to flee Germany and Austria. I recently spoke to a German girl whose grandfather was of military age when Hitler was on the rise. He had broken his arm and thus was deemed unfit for the German army. He remained working on a farm, during the entire war, a realtively peaceful and calm life.