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Alwaki calls for death of anyone who defames Mohammed

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Comment by David McElroy
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 The Islamic cleric Alwaki should note that I too am Spartacus, and openly defame Mohammed as a false prophet led by demons. Mohammed was a lying thieving pedophile worthy of denigration and all who follow Mohammed are giving themselves to a false god lacking love. Allah is not the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but the father of lies and the bringer of death! Got that, Alwaki?

Comment by Die Daily
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Exactly, Oyate, just as the foolish Papist-cultists derive a bloodline directly from David to Joseph. Why did they do that? I'm not sure, since Joseph is also alleged NOT to have fathered Christ. Mary, we are told, was *****ed directly by God. Yet there is this lineage, this "divine right of kings" argument. Why? Because: How the heck are we going to get the masses to respect the authoritai of our man? [Because all we have is men here, if the public actually asks and wants proof.] Likewise, so the story goes, don't be dissing Mohammed. Or we'll kill you. Or the loving God will kill you. Christian Zionist, Islamic Jihadist, what's the dang difference, I ask myself...nothing major, I answer, really not much at all. And what about the fact that Alwaki is a Zionist operative (and additionally, and somewhat irrelevantly, a Jew)? Is this of some significance? That he's Jewish...not really, or not at all. That he's a Zionist...well, quite relevant. Good to keep in mind.

Is it OK if I spit on the image of Christ while I revere Mohammed? Is it OK if I spit on the image of Mohammed and revere Christ? Is it OK if I believe both are prophets of equal standing? Is it OK if I think both were merely charismatic megalomaniacs? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Of course it's OK. Seeing as I'm a free willed being in a causal universe and all. I can defame Christ and Mohammed all day long, should I choose to. It seems that I don't chose to do that. But it seems that I could. And if I did, that would be A-OK. Because I own Me. I even have a monopoly on Me. I'm a regular Me-cartel.

Comment by Found Zero
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Defames Mohammed?

Wait, wait hold on a second. The prophet was a MAN. Flesh and blood. Created by the Most High like any other man. The prophet is not sacred. God alone is holy. To suggest otherwise puts man on the level of the Most High. This cannot be, because scripture tells us that "as high as the mountains are from the Earth, so are His ways above our ways".

All these scholars and clerics need to be told by Oyate to chill out? OK scholars and clerics, behold my fatwa, my religious instructions:

Honored scholars and clerics, men of faith, believers in the One True God,

God is not undignified by any action we take against man. I think it hurts His feelings, because man is the child of God. But His dignity is above us. If this were not true, us men in our foolishness would have taken all the dignity from God. And there would be none left. Now which one among you would stand before me and say God has no dignity left?

God's dignity is above the honour of the prophet. And God is very much above you and I my friend. And this is why we bow down as one people.

In peace, In'sh Allah.

Comment by rfdf fdf
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