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Today on - Thursday July 15th 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Obama the Socialist Fascist Communist
Scott Lazarowitz on all his real views.
Thou Shalt Kill
Laurence Vance on the American Patriot's Bible.
The Murderous Fed
Tom DiLorenzo on inflation and war.
Repeating a Government Disaster
Walter Williams on Obama's failed hero, FDR, and his long, long Great Depression.
The New Eugenics
And the rise of global scientific dictatorship. Article by Andrew Gavin Marshall.
We're Flooded by Fancy Razors
But some men, feeling burned, opt out.
The Key to Success in Sports
Your belly-button.
Forget Home Ownership
For millions of Americans, it's a mistake; renting makes far more sense, despite the propaganda.
Balding Gracefully
How to deal with it, and still look great. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
Redefining Luxury
Shopping for the best, but at a discount. Article by Bruce Horovitz.
2nd Passports
Q&A with Simon Black.
Big Trouble in Tiny Packages
Are creepy, crawly, allergy-producing dust mites thriving in your bed? Article by Mark Sisson.

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