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Animal Sex: No Stinking Rules Biggest Playaz

Animals flout established rules when it comes to the game of love and sex. In fact, the animal kingdom is full of swingers. Bonobos are highly promiscuous, engaging in sexual interactions more frequently than any other primate, and in just about every combination from heterosexual to homosexual unions. Mothers even mate with their mature sons (Everyone: Eeeeewww!). Bonobo societies "make love, not war," and their frequent sex is thought to strengthen social bonds and resolve conflict. This idea could explain why bonobo societies are relatively peaceful and their relatives, chimpanzees, which practice sex strictly for reproduction, are prone to violence.

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Comment by Die Daily
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Nine articles in a row from LiveScience and not one of them has anything to do with anything? I don't know who "FreedomsPhoenix Staff" is, but dude (or dudette), you're a tad obsessed. This stuff is pretty much filler. Howzabout a little news in the mix?

Comment by Anonymous
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 This is a typical hippie argument about how God is wrong and "mother nature" is right.  If you actually example the true biological basis of behavior there is little divergence and Mother Nature reflects God's position.

For example, those animals with the longest gestation periods tend to the ones that pair off, with a tight correlation between longer gestation periods to the ones with the longest pairing rituals and terms.

Additionally, mother nature rewards the pairings of those with the longest gestation periods and pairings with enjoyment of sex.

Fish for example, have no neural response to sex in terms of pleasure, whereas humans have a very high one.

Fish gestation and pairing = low.  Human = high.

This is just a reiteration of a failed attempt to base licentiousness in the biological basis of behavior.   Biological basis of behavior is quite the opposite and is tightly correlated with traditional views of sex and raising children.

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