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Testing the Goods: iPhone 4, or Apple's Icarus Moment

• John Mahoney via PopSci
A long, long time ago, Icarus and his father Daedalus did something pretty incredible: they constructed wings out of wax and feathers and flew. Apple too has achieved remarkable greatness--after proving themselves consistently capable of pushing mobile gadgets further than anyone else, here lands the iPhone 4, the best smartphone ever made. Onwards and upwards, to the sun.

But what's that faint honey smell? And the feathers slowly peeling off, drifting lazily back down to Earth on the wind? There are problems. The wax is starting to melt.

As everyone who's been following the story is well aware, the iPhone 4 has a design flaw. Its innovative structural antenna--the stainless steel rim of the phone--can be easily shorted out by placing a finger over the small black seam on the lower left hand side.

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