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Sperm in All Animals Originated 600 Million Years Ago

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A gene responsible for sperm production is so vital that its function has remained unaltered throughout evolution and is found in almost all animals, according to a new study. The results suggest the ability to produce sperm originated 600 million years ago.

The gene, called Boule, appears to be the only gene known to be exclusively required for sperm production in animals ranging from an insect to a mammal. 


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Comment by Die Daily
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Hey Sam, our star grew initially until it hit main sequence some 4.5 billion years ago, when it hugely expanded out to fairly close to its present size. Since then the shrinkage is there, but pretty minimal, since as it loses mass it gains temperature and this expands what's left. In another 3-5 billion it will most likely collapse and explode/rebound outward like crazy and engulf the inner planets. But 600 mil years ago it was pretty much just like now. Or perhaps God planted the tens of thousands of mutually consistent clues we used to figure all this out.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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How large would the sun have been 600 mil years ago?  Science can measure the shrikage of the sun over time, so I was wondering if 600 mil years ago, would earth have been turned into charcoal back then....


Comment by Olde Reb
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 I guess this tells us why Larry King does not have any ??

Comment by Renee Houlihan
Entered on:

600 Million years ago??  I thought it was 700 million years ago.  lol

Comment by Die Daily
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No doubt, Oyate. It reminds me of `which came first, the chicken or the egg`. Well, that`s a no-brainer. It was the rooster. Duh.

Comment by Found Zero
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Can we extrapolate who first said "bow chicka bow-wow" yet?

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