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The Tea Party could be won to Ron Paul's anti-war, non-interventionist positions through budgetary and debt concerns. That is the thesis of W. James Antle, III at the American Conservative. If Antle is right, and he sees Rand Paul as the catalyst, watch out! We win! Be encouraged! We have a Republic to win back!

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Comment by Die Daily
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Yeah, Oyate, Rand is a bit sketchy on principles, aint he. Let`s hope he knows something we don`t. Doubtful though, isn`t it. Sam, yeah, it`s very hard to imagine how we could do badly by being non-interventionist in the extreme...and hard to conceive of how our present ways might lead anywhere other than to the trash heap.

Comment by Found Zero
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Don't forget, when these neobagger teocons get "dragged" into war with Iran and blame the "interventionist socialist Obama administration", could you maybe just remember which bunch of jackasses got you into the first two of the Glorious New World Order fights of the new mellinium?

Or is Ron Paul truly the only man in this land who can put on a suit and not instantly forget who he is and where he's from?

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh sure absolutely! We got Judge Nap all cozy with Fauxnews and tongue-kissing Hannity and the warmongers, we got Rand Paul playing footsie with Caribou Barbie with one ped and another fondling Jeb Bush. Glen Beck has our true people weeping and crying about Jesus and Newt Gingrich and his ilk are already milking the cows. I just heard the Great New Hope for the teaparties is a Jindal-Backman coalition which sure is a relief from the usual beltway insiders because oh we all know they are part of "us" and not part of "them". 

Optimism simply abounds.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Ron Paul is right. The US needs to follow the Founder’s advice & mind our own national business. All who say we cannot afford the ‘blood & treasure’ are also correct.

“Blow back” is a very serious thing. We must stop pulling the ears, so to speak, of other nations by overstaying our welcome, if even we had a welcome to start with. Look up what Ron Paul says about blow back & then the CIA & 9-11 Commission reports.

One of the reasons for perpetual war, where we are finding our selves in the midst of these days, is to get people so sick & tired of war that we will capitulate to “peace at any price”. A very foolish place to go. Trading liberty for ‘security’ will cost us both.


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