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US-born radical Muslim cleric added to American terrorism blacklist

• AP
The US Treasury Department placed al-Awlaki – accused by officials of helping plan the failed Christmas Day airline bombing – on its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.
The move comes about six months after the U.S. government put al-Awlaki on a secret list of targets to be captured or killed, according to U.S. officials. 

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Comment by Found Zero
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Thanks Seeps. Knew I could count on you. I won't have to cry myself to sleep tonight.

Comment by Die Daily
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Oh, Seepy, watch out. You`ll get us aroused. And we are fearsome luuuuuvers.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Oyate you and everyone involved with this site are nothing but a bunch of sniveling fascist losers, You "people" make me sick with your authoritarian view of comment regulation.

Comment by Found Zero
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OK  after careful consideration, I know where to lead us. We will get our message heard when we make ourselves what the media wants to see. All you guys who grow beards, you are on the right track.

From now on we wear turbans and those funny dress things and paramilitary gear and pretend not to speak English. We translate all of our propaganda into Arabic. Or Farsi. Whomever we get a translator for frankly. And we call ourselves, get this, the Balitan. And we let it leak out that Balitan is how you say "Ron Paul" in Arabic or Farsi or whatever we find a translator for.

The best part about this initiative is it won't cost much. Everybody has some extra sheets and towels. But we might have to do a chipin for the camels.

Comment by Found Zero
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Alas brothers, yet again we are snubbed. We just don't rate yet.

Seepy, I know you don't rate as high as the SPLC or anything but if you could just call me a fascist nazi it would make me feel a lot better about myself right now.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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