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Mexican drug cartels' newest weapon: Cold War-era grenades made in U.S.

• Washington Post
Grenades made in the United States and sent to Central America during the Cold War have resurfaced as terrifying new weapons in almost weekly attacks by Mexican drug cartels.

Sent a generation ago to battle communist revolutionaries in the jungles of Central America, U.S. grenades are being diverted from dusty old armories and sold to criminal mafias, who are using them to destabilize the Mexican government and terrorize civilians, according to U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials.


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Comment by Justin Tyme
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Soooo...  The Mexican and US Goobermints were right when they sad the Cartel's military grade weapons  were coming from north of the border.  They just didn't tell us that our Government was doing the shipping...

Comment by Found Zero
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Hmmm. Interesting, these words "diverted" and "redeployed" come up. As if any of this was a surprise or even unintended. The "drug was industry" is still going fine and the same cast of criminals North and South are benefitting handsomely. These weapons aren't diverted as through through some clerical error or a couple boxes fell of a truck and "somehow made it into the wrong hands". These weapons aren't redeployed, they are deployed RIGHT WHERE WE PUT THEM.

The story should be familliar to every American: we arm the viper and it bites us. But it's not. So alas, the memory of Ronnie Reagan and the Contra-coke pipeline is submerged in the annals of enshrined GOP history.

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