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Rand Paul: Obama Has Right To Make Afghanistan War Decisions

• Kristen M. Hall via The Huffington Post
LEXINGTON, Ky. — A constant critic of President Barack Obama, Republican Rand Paul on Saturday defended the president's right to make decisions on the war in Afghanistan without interference from Congress.

Without mentioning Obama by name, the U.S. Senate candidate said Congress shouldn't micromanage the war in Afghanistan and should leave the decisions on troop levels to the White House. Paul spoke Saturday in Lexington at a Fayette County GOP picnic mostly about his conservative fiscal positions that have drawn him strong Tea Party support.

"I think when they have long-winded debates over how many troops there should be in a particular location, I don't really think that's the proper role of Congress," he said.

Still, he said he has some questions about the number of Afghan security forces after nearly nine years of war.

He said he's put that question to soldiers he's met during campaigning this year. Kentucky is home to two large military installations, Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, and many National Guard members.

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Comment by Die Daily
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I agree with Powell that micromanaging a war is not something congress should ever do, that's the C&C's job, clearly. But Oyate is of course also correct that the C&C should never have been given a war to manage in the first place...declaring us to be "at war" used to be, and should have remained, the exclusive domain of the congress.

Comment by Found Zero
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Congress never declared war so there should be no decision but to leave. Neither Obama nor congress have any "right" that they have not abdicated.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I agree with Paul on this.  Of course, Congress can and should cut off all funding for the wars with the exception of money to bring them all home from around the planet.  And ordering the unilateral cesation of all hostilities.  But since they are obeying their masters that won't happen.  Your kid's blood is too important to milking your savings for the war machine.

Comment by John Morgan
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Rand Paul is right, but the quickest way to end the wars would be for the Congress to halt all war funding appropriations and cut the half trillion dollar defense budget.

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