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Cornyn unable to name one GOP fiscal policy change since Bush era

• Daniel Tencer via the raw story
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) couldn't find a straight answer to give Sunday when he was asked how Republican fiscal policies today differ from their policies during the Bush era.

"What does distinguish the Republican Party of today from the Republican Party under President Bush’s rule with regards to spending, which is where it got out of control -- under Republican rule," asked host David Gregory on NBC's Meet The Press.

"Let’s look at a few facts — thank you for the opportunity, because I want to respond to what Chris said. The last year that President Bush was in office, 2008, the deficit was 3.2 percent of the gross domestic product. Today it’s ten percent. We just hit the $13 trillion cap on national debt," Cornyn said.

"Where did some of that debt come from?" Gregory asked. "The President of the United States was George Bush when they passed a huge TARP, which was to bail out the banks. I mean that’s what ran up a lot of debt as well. Are you saying a Republican was somehow different?"

"You’re ignoring the stimulus that ... failed according to the president’s own standards," Cornyn replied. "He said he was supposed to keep unemployment to eight percent."

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Cowardly,Ignorant Americans are the Problem,the whole Problem,and Nothing but the Problem..Period!! 

Why dosn`t some "Home of the Brave" American ask McCain about the "POW" papers and why he had them hid?

Why dosn`t some "Land of the Free" American ask McCain about the "Navajo",and "Peabody Coal Co"?

Isn`t their ONE AMERICAN that wonders about the tapes McCain made to help the North Vietnamese. 

Is their ONE AMERICAN that wonders how McCain got the nick name "Songbird"..given to him by his fellow POW`S?

Is their ONE AMERICAN that wonders why;of all people John McCain put a stop to any further searches for our "MIA`S",and "POW`S" in Vietnam?

Does even ONE AMERICAN know how McCain voted on Veteran Issues/Bills?I doubt it because it dosn`t bother them,and as long as it dosn`t bother them,they don`t care what they - The Politicians - do....just don`t bother me the Americans say.

Does none of this matter to all?

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