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Shocker: Conservatives have no taste for conservation, study finds

• Stephen C. Webster via the raw story
A pair of University of California, Los Angeles professors tracking subtle socioeconomic responses to detailed consumer information about power consumption have effectively pinpointed something oft' joked of by so-called "liberals" but never genuinely proven until now: conservatives, by and large, have no taste for conservation.

By studying average household electricity consumption after what they called a "nudge" (more specifically, giving the residents a detailed chart of that home's drain on the electric grid), UCLA professors Dora L. Costa and Matthew E. Kahn pinpointed distinctly different response patterns along political fault lines. Using voter registration information and data about charitable contributions, they picked out homes that bought renewable energy, voted for Democrats or contributed to environmental causes, and compared consumption to addresses given by registered Republicans.

People who fell under the prescribed labels of liberal and conservative, as it turned out, seemed to show behaviors quite the opposite. Liberal-leaning households tended to reduce power consumption 3-6 percent after seeing a detailed usage outlay, but on average so-called "conservatives" used 1 percent more.

Something is backwards here.

While some might scoff at a mere 1 percent increase, it remains statistically significant because the study piggy-backed on a prediction that a 1-2 percent decrease in California's residential electricity consumption could save up to 110 million kWh per year.

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Comment by Gene Swank
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I am a conservative. I have had the power company come out and check my house to see how I was stealing electricity because my bill was always so low. This study was done by who?????? Far left UCLA Proffesors!!!!!!!!

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