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McCain: Paying Teachers is Pork, But Let's Cut Taxes for Those Military Contractors!

• Heather, Video Cafe
Arizona's first debate for the Republican primary race had a few memorable moments but none summed up the Republican Party's view on what is "pork" and what they consider their priorities on spending than than this bit by John McCain. Spending for teachers, it's pork, but we need to keep that military industrial complex going and make sure that the people "making those wonderful missiles"... the "job creators", have their taxes cut.
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"there are so many things that the Democrats lard onto it, whether it be for hiring new teachers or other programs, so they keep adding onto it to force us to vote yes.

And I’m proud that we’ve stood up and said “No”, you give us a straight bill, we’ll vote for it but addin’ on all that pork and earmark stuff that caused us to lose before, we’re not doing that any more.

What I would do is to give our small businesses a tax break. I would tell the corporations which are very important, like Intel and Raytheon and others in our state, we’ll cut the corporate tax rates so that you won’t have to send jobs overseas. We’ll continue… I’ll continue to support the military and our bases and the men and women who are there and the thousands of employees, including our people over in Mesa that make the Apache helicopter and down at Raytheon that make these wonderful missiles and Intel that’s doing such a great job in employing so many people that I’ve supported for so many years."

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