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Is The BP Macondo Well Cap A Hoax? Matt Simmon's Thinks So

You are not going to believe this, but according to Matt Simmons, former head of the Petroleum Review Board, the oil gusher in the Gulf region has not been capped, that the cap shown on television and the rest of the news is actually just a cap of a reserve well that is miles away from the main well, and that the main well is still leaking full speed as it has before. This would mean that the whole recent capping process has been a publicity stunt from the get-go. I tend to believe this person, as this would be an explanation as to why the pressure in the capped well did not rise above 6700 psi. News reports coming out of the gulf region indicate that everything is back on track. I have seen pictures of beaches which look like they did before April 20. The first lady even said to come on down. This is just plain the opposite of the real picture. If what Simmons said is true, the threat of a seafloor collapse is not imminent. I would still leave the gulf region if I were down there, at least get far enough away to not breathe any of the toxic crude-corexit-methane mix which is lethal to humans as well as all animal life. I realize Matt Simmons has connections to the CFR. There are two parts to this interview which have been on youtube for about 20 minutes. I certainly don't agree with him toward the end where he says that this was possibly caused by a green group to tarnish bp. Still, I believe what he says about the riser vs the real main leak.

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