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Gun Permit Allows Quick Access to Texas Capitol

• AP
Everyone from lobbyists to lawyers and journalists is rushing to get permits to carry guns inside the Texas Capitol, where legislators already often tote pistols in boots and purses or stow them away inside their desks.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Oh for the love of Howdy Doodie, WTF now?

For fleepin jeepers, until just a couple short years ago I could wear my #1 jeans and my gun into a store and the nice old lady that needed a bit of help into her car said "it sure is nice to see young men dress like men young man".

And to have a frail old hand with vericose veins lay her hand on me with my young and vigorous arms, know what I'm seeing and feeling?

OMFG, my beloved granny has come back to life and I say "may I help you mother?"


Shit boys, I heard about warriors, I am one. I'm ready to fight and die. Always have been. Survivor of gennocide. What I think about you boys is you better grab your groceries and be ready. It's gonna be hard but we gotta be stable. For all the reasons that wake us up in the morning.

No matter what happens, never loose sight of love and forgiveness. These are our primary weapons.

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