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Why the silence from The Post on Black Panther Party story?

• Washington Post
Thursday's Post reported about a growing controversy over the Justice Department's decision to scale down a voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party. The story succinctly summarized the issues but left many readers with a question: What took you so long? 

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Let me tell you something. Want to know about voter intimidation? Let's look to present-day Oklahoma where many nations were re-settled and how various activists tried for YEARS, DECADES to encourage my people to vote and WE LITERALLY GOT SHOT AND PISSED ON. These were the bad days when the people were defenseless and had no protection and this is how AIM, the American Indian Movement came about and we fought against some very bad and selfish men who did not mind killing our braves and raping our women WITH COMPLETE IMPUNITY.

We never left Wounded Knee. To this day the relations of Anna Mae Aquash cry for justice as do the friends and Oyasin of Leonard Peltier. Leonard was duped but he went down as a warrior. What happened to Anna Mae is what happened to our mothers and our daughters. The word "rape" doesn't quite do it. They stuffed weeds in her mouth and in her hair and her private places. When somebody does that to somebody you love, it just wrecks you up inside.

I'm just part indian but I feel 100% wrecked inside. Or at least I did. I was taught to be an Eagle. Eagles see the storms coming and we try to turn our wingtips up and rise above. We can rise above or the storm winds will smash us on the Earth. Sometimes we are successful. And there is a way you can tell just by being you.

When was the last time you saw a dead Eagle on the ground? When was the last time you saw one as a kid?

Mostly us Eagles go to a safe place to die. A private place that only we know the location of. This place is so secret that I don't even know, nobody would have told me but Owl Man came to me and told me.

I don't know why this is, but this is the way medicine goes. Medicine goes through generations even if your people forgot. My medicines are Owl and Bear. I kind of lucked out because some people literally get worms. Owl and Bear are very enviable on paper. Owl can see in the dark. The downside is we tend to be in the dark.

Bear, and I am not Grizzly, nor am I Kodiak, even I am afraid of those killers, I am Black Bear and we are shy and retiring and prefer to keep out of sight. Yes we are strong, yes our great paws can take you out with one blow but if even one of us is caught in that position, SOMETHING HAS GONE MEGA, MEGA WRONG. And we know full well there is something more powerful than us. And that thing is YOU. Humans.

Again, I'm in a good position to judge because I happen to be part human too. Yup, Oyate has a stick in almost every fire.

I wonder how it is that I'm not part black. But since I'm part "practically everything else" there has to be something I'm not so the not is not undignified by my ass hamming in on it. But this whole "wannabe black" thing, I was in on it before it was even cool. I was more of less abducted to be a nigga, and I lived in a real live ghetto and people used to call me a nigger in a GOOD WAY. Like "wassap my nigga".

To be called a nigger by black people who are hugging you is one of the most ennobling things that has ever happened to me. It's almost better than hearing "I love you" because it is I LOVE YOU but this present is expensive. And therefore very flattering. These guys routinely go to jail for their lifestyle. My brothers are Ed and Derek and Otis. They are all big as houses with more muscled in their foot than most men have in their whole body. Am I afraid of niggers? Hells yeah, these guys are made for a rough and tough lifestyle.

Am I worried about how I would be treated if I go to jail?

Hells no. I'm an honorary nigger. Not only do I know how to talk the talk, I know how not to. Not only do I know how to walk the walk, I know how not to. Not only do I know how to fight, I know where and when to fight and when not to.

Oh and I seem to have this small physical presence, but I have the EYES. Maybe it's my Owl/Bear/nigger presence but when I really like or dislike people I tend to become very interested in them and I freak people out.

And that's why I tend to stay at home because very few people actually like me. Bear teaching: stay at home, stay out of sight, a Bear in public is a Bear in trouble.

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