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Stanley Meyers Water Cell

Quote-"It is going to depend upon the public to get the fuel cell in the country," he said. "It has been people, not companies or governments that have gotten the fuel cell this far along. If enough people want this, they will get it into the country. People are just tired of being ripped off."the late Stanley Meyer -End quote.


Stanley Meyer’s hydrogen on demand technology Free energy technology has been suppressed due to the alledged murder of the inventor and as a result of the inventor's business incompetence. This technology is not the first water car which was working but did not to surface.

G. H. Garret 's warter car featured in a news report. Another Lost.


The Article Read -WATER powered automobiles are predicted for the not too distant future as the result of an invention of G. H. Garrett of Dallas, Texas, which substitutes water for gasoline. Garrett uses an electrolytic carburetor which breaks up water by electrolysis into its component gases, hydrogen and oxygen, and then forces the explosive hydrogen into the combustion chambers for fuel.For operating the automobile motor on which the tests have been conducted, Garrett has added an over-size generator to supply the extra electricity needed by the carburetor. Beyond that, the motor has needed no changes, though it has been in operation continuously for several days. Garrett has protected his device with patents.

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