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Who’s Who of the Arizona Boycott

The following cities/counties have voted to boycott Arizona over its interior enforcement law, SB 1070:

    * Austin, Texas
    * Berkeley, California
    * Bloomington, Indiana
    * Boston, Massachusetts
    * Boulder, Colorado
    * Burlington, Vermont
    * Cook County, Illinois
    * Columbus, Ohio
    * El Paso, Texas
    * Gallup, New Mexico
    * Hartford, Connecticut
    * Los Angeles, California
    * Oakland, California
    * Richmond, California
    * San Francisco, California
    * San Pablo, California
    * Santa Monica, California
    * Seattle, Washington
    * St. Paul, Minnesota
    * West Hollywood, California
    * San Diego, California
    * Chicago, Illinois
    * Pasadena, Ca.
    * Amherst, Mass.

The following cities/counties have proposed boycotts or other actions.

    * Chicago, Illinois
    * Durham, North Carolina
    * Milwaukee, Wisconsin (boycott resolution proposed,sent to committee)
    * New York, New York
    * Sacramento, California (proposed; City Council to consider resolution)
    * San Antonio, Texas
    * San Diego, California (City Council voted to codemn SB 1070)
    * San Jose, California (City Council voted to codemn SB 1070)
    * Washington, D.C. (proposed boycott, then backtracked)
    * Fulton County, Georgia (Board of Commissioners voted to oppose Arizona Law)
    * Coachella, California (City Council voted to condemn SB 1070)
    * Minneapolis, Minnesota (Mayor issues travel advisory to City Employees not to go to Arizona)
    * San Jose, California (voted to Condemn Arizona)
    * Santa Anna, California (voted to condemn SB 1070

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

All the states,towns,cities are filled with Illegals.What the hell do you expect them to do?

Comment by Trouser Chili
Entered on:

I wonder what tangible actions have resulted in these boycotts?  I still say we should stop selling power to Southern California.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Thank you, Arizona, for standing up to protect your people who live on the border... even in the face of the adversity of other states and other state cities.

These folks simply don't understand what it is like to be trample down by the illegals, and by the Federal Government. If they were in Arizona, living on the border, their tune would change.

What's interesting is that California already has laws on the books like Arizona's, but isn't honorable enough to enforce them.


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