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Internet Gambling License Considered Today

• PC World
A licensing program for anyone taking bets on the Internet would be established by a bill receiving a public hearing this afternoon before the House Financial Services committee.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Leave it to Barney Frank to introduce a gambling bill that will destroy the lives of countless Americans.

Barney Frank’s bill effectively legalizes and regulates online casino gambling nationally. There has been little discussion in the press or from affected labor unions in Nevada how much legalization of Internet gambling may further increase Nevada’s unemployment now 14% or higher. After  Barney Frank’s bill is passed, any private home in American with a computer has the potential of becoming a 24/7 Casino. Players need only a credit card to gamble their life away. They won’t have to drive anywhere to gamble. It would seem any further drop in Nevada gaming revenues caused by legalized online gambling will exasperate Nevada’s budget shortfall. Nevada Legislators need to consider the long-term impact legalized online gambling will have on Nevada employment. Online casinos don’t need to employ culinary, casino, /hotel food severs, bartenders, bellhops or card dealers; or need pay much employee insurance. While casinos in or near major Cities on the East Coast may not have to layoff off many workers, Nevada is way out in the desert and dependent on visitors.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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What is interesting is CONgress has made Internet gambling (at least in America) illegal for both provider and participant.   For the participants own good of course. [With the major push of my own Sen. McCain.]

The industry promptly ignored the law.  CONgress tried to figure out if they could track credit card transactions to enforce the law.  Apparently that has not worked out too well, as now they wish to license Internet gambling.

Of course, the only reason to license something is to grant monopoly or near monopoly status to a few select approved businesses who can keep prices high without competitors, have incentive to discoverand report non-licensed competitors and most importantly pay auditable taxes.

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