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FREEDOM SUMMIT 2010 SPEAKER - John A. Buttrick

The title of John's presentation will be “Seven Ideas That Are Destroying the World.”
Judge John Buttrick is the highest elected registered Libertarian currently in office in the United States.

Judge Buttrick graduated from Harvard Law School in 1976 and practiced business litigation for a national law firm until 2001 when he was appointed to the Superior Court of Arizona. Before taking the bench, Judge Buttrick was active in the Libertarian Party. He was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arizona in 1994 and for the Arizona House of Representatives in 1998. Judge Buttrick served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee and three stints on the Libertarian Party National Platform Committee, including twice as Chair in 1998 and 2000.

Since his appointment, Judge Buttrick has twice successfully faced retention elections in 2004 and 2008. In both those elections he received over 70% “yes” votes. His vote totals in Maricopa County alone surpassed the Libertarian presidential candidate totals for the entire country in both those elections.

Judge Buttrick believes that the direction of the national Libertarian Party has veered dangerously off course in recent years and the party is facing pivotal decisions in 2010 and 2012 which may determine whether or not it survives. In particular, Judge Buttrick is concerned that candidacies such as those of Bob Barr and Wayne Root hurt rather than help the future advance of libertarian principles in the political arena. His presentation is entitled “The Future of the Libertarian Party, if any.”

 Assignment History:
Department: Civil 
Year: 6/2007 
Location: Phoenix 
Department: Family Court 
Year: 8/2004 
Location: Phoenix 
Department: Criminal 
Year: 8/2003 
Location: Phoenix 
Department: Civil 
Year: 5/2001 
Location: Phoenix 
Work History:
2001 - Present: 
Judge , Superior Court in Maricopa County 
1982 - 2001: 
Partner, Brown and Bain, P.A. - antitrust, product liability, contract, environmental patent and election law 
1976 - 1982: 
Associate, Brown and Bain 
Education: J.D. , 1976, Harvard Law School Bachelor’s degree, Philosophy, 1973, University of Denver Committees/Associations: State Bar of Arizona 2002- present, Judicial Executive Committee

John also spoke at the 2002 & 2009 Freedom Summit