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Gary Franchi
The Reality Report is Media Project of We give it to you straight, without the corporate induced spin in a fun yet hard format. Tune in weekly to hear us break down the headlines, showcase original interviews with leading political figures, present the latest viral videos and give you the solutions that most news shows fail to deliver. Viewers are encouraged to download the show for broadcast on their local public access stations. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

Gary Franchi Bio:

Gary Franchi, Jr. is an avant-garde filmmaker, broadcaster, national grassroots organizer, and is the successor to the late Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo (Trading Places, The Rose) as the National Director of Restore The Republic (RTR) is a powerful Social Networking site dedicated to spreading Freedom and Liberty and was formed in response to the success of Russo's film "America: Freedom to Fascism." RTR was later singled out by Congressman Ron Paul for bringing tens of thousands of new patriots into the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. RTR has over 23,000 online members.  Gary has appeared on Fox News, PBS, and has been interviewed on countless radio programs across the United States. He was recently featured as "Patriot Number 9" on the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Patriot Hit List" and holds Level 4 National Security Clearance.  In 2008, Gary co-hosted a pre-Tea-Party Revolution March in Washington, DC that was attended by over 15,000 revolutionaries. He has recently produced three documentary films with award winning director William Lewis about the loss of liberty and the resurgence of "Constitutional Awareness" in America. You can watch Gary as he hosts his popular weekly show at http://RealityReport.TV.

Activities of current interest :

Recently released "Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2" staring Ernest Hancock, Michale Badnarik, Stuart Rhodes and Alex Jones.

Recently re-launched the "New and Improved" and initiated the campaign: "Operation Social Invasion" to "invade the Social Universe with the message of Freedom and Liberty"

Short Summary for what I will be talking about:

The Greatest Threat to Freedom (besides the Federal Reserve)

The state of Freedom in America is clearly under attack on all fronts, but what besides the Federal Reserve is the single greatest threat? Join Gary Franchi at this year's Freedom Summit as he delivers the message and reveals the actions, agencies and legislation working against the constitution and the American People.


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