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Marc Stevens is a voluntaryist essayist and talk radio host from Phoenix, Arizona. He is the host of The No State Project. Stevens is also the author of the 2002 book, Adventures In Legal Land, an examination of the legal and political systems of the United States.
Talk Radio Career

From November 5, 2005 to April 8, 2007 Marc debuted the No State Project on the Republic Broadcasting Network. From April 14, 2007 to October 4, 2008, Stevens continued the No State Project on the We The People Radio Network. On October 6, 2008, We The People Radio Network's official website announced it would be shutting down its operations, but would keep archives of its affiliated shows, including The No State Project, online for the foreseeable future.[1] From then until late March, the show was in a state of hiatus. December 6, 2008 Marc debuted a single show on American Freedom Radio, but it wasn't until March 21, 2009 when Liberty News Radio began broadcasting the No State Project on a regular basis. After some incurable technical difficulties, the show was dropped from Liberty News Radio. Three months later the No State project returned to American Freedom Radio where it is currently broadcast every Saturday 3pm to 5pm CST. Marc has been interviewed on various talk radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Alex Jones Show, Free Talk Live, Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock, Deadline Live with Jack Blood, Peter Mac Show, Frankly Speaking with Frank Whalen, Bill Meyer Show, Jayne Carroll Show, and National Intel Report.

Adventures In Legal Land

In 2002, Stevens published Adventures In Legal Land, which focuses on the legal and political systems of the United States, and examines these and society in general from an anarcho-capitalist and voluntaryist viewpoint. The overall theme of the book, and its accompanied website, is summarized in Steven's often stated quote: "No service or product should be provided at the barrel of a gun."


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