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The Predatory Feds

• Uncle Timmie Rudizuli via
America has become a monster and you are its next meal…
There was an old (now) song by Steppenwolfe of this name, i.e., “America the Monster” and as I began to consider the nature of this country’s government …well, it seemed appropriate.
That said, America has become a monster. Like Goya’s mythical portrait it devours its own children, 1 in 100 are convicts, education becomes more and more expensive and thus exclusive, employment becomes scarcer and less well paid, ”social safety net programs” expand, without solving the problems, and it feels free to lay waste whatever sections of the world it desires to . Been in Iraq for almost a decade and show no signs of leaving Afghanistan. Not to mention the “bill” for all this.

Ah, the “bill”. Well, the Government doesn’t have to worry about that, does it? After all that part of the fun and games will be delivered to us, you and me…and our great grandchildren. And such a bill! No one can even guess what it will come to – no one. But some of us will pay it. Of course, it won’t be called “the bill”. Oh no. It will be called Taxes. Increased taxes? Devalued currency? The joys of having an unaccountable monster in charge of our futures!

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