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Zeta drug gang seizes two Texas ranches?

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Comment by Found Zero
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Like Chip I found the original reports to lack verifiable sources. I posted it because I think the back-story is pretty interesting. Who started this rumour/hoax and why? And how exactly did it spread through several media outlets without vetting?

I think we got "phone phreaked". Somebody testing our networks. The questions all remain.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Because Obama showed such weakness, dithering for months whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, has refused to secure Arizona’s border, caved in to UN demands U.S. Government control Americans’ small arms, could Obama's appearance of weakness have invited the Zetas Drug Cartel to invade America seizing two-U.S. ranches? North Korean Leader Pyongyang just threatened to use a nuclear deterrent if the United States and South Korea proceeded with naval maneuvers. It seems that if Obama were perceived as a strong President, no Mexican military force would dare invade America. I find it regurgitating when Obama travels to foreign countries, offers apologies for the United States then bows to foreign leaders as if the United States was subordinate to a World Government. If Obama fails to eradicate armed Mexican insurgents entering the U.S., all U.S. Border States are at grave risk of escalated violence not just from Mexican Drug Cartels, but any terrorist that perceives America as an easy mark. I would not be surprised to see this President have Americans arrested for using guns to defend themselves against armed Mexican insurgents.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 Confirmed Hoax.

I got this same information about 12 hours before Oyate, but didn't post it because it was too suspicious and unable to be confirmed. The only "sources" were both very partisan political internet hacks out of San Diego, one in the area of Laredo, Texas had anything to say.

Phone calls to Laredo P.D. and Webb County Sheriff's Office now confirm,...this was a self-feeding bullshit loop.

Comment by Found Zero
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The liberal use of question marks indicates our conservative interpretation.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Sure, if by "seize" you mean "purchase" and by "two" you mean "one" and by "so far" you mean "2 years later". 

You know how I know a story is BS?  When you can't find a source. (see ??? above)

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