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How government works - The case for the right to rob you (Larkin Rose)

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Comment by Mark Barrow
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 Mr Rose, great video.  I think there is a place for taxes which are used for the greater good of society.  Unfortunately, are tax dollars are used for wars, enriching corrupt financial institutions and basically just to make the rich get richer.  They are thieves and Americans need to educate themselves and fight back.  Keep up the good work-I wish I had your guts.


Take care

Mark Barrow

Comment by Anonymous
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    I missed my childhood days of cops and robbers. This is most entertaining. Here Taxation is robbery and the robber is Congress.  I let my six-grader grandchild see the video. He was writing his homework, a composition on taxes. I explained to him the problem. He came out quickly with a solution: Let’s arrest Congress!  For entertainment, I think the sneaky snickering boy was as good as the man in the video.



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