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Where the Wild Veggies Are

• arclein
"In addition, we have found that 25 related species which have never been formally described are found in Asia, Australia and regions around the Indian Ocean."

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Comment by Henry Nicolle
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Tastes just like chicken, Oyate.

Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah. It's especially important in the desert to know where all the wild veggies are because that's where the tastey animals go to eat them and what you do is you lie in wait and blow their little furry or feathered heads off, then you got a nice meat stew with vegetables all in one place!

Man I really gotta get hold of a camcorder. I gotta start demonstratin' some stuff for deserts. I that that show with "Bear What's-His-Name" and he sure did find some people that know about desert survival but what he didn't want to show you is how fast we'd go for snakes if we had to. It's the one thing you have in any season in the Sonoran desert. And compared to most other aminals (sic) (you can sic yourself right?) they are pretty slow. They don't move around so much. They do you a favor of cornering themselves and if you have to, you can pick up rocks and pretty much brutalize the poor things to death from a safe distance. If you aren't comfortable with other methods. The general method is to get them out into the open. Let's talk rattle snakes, one of the most easy and rewarding to the person about to die of hunger.

They awake with the sun like most of us, but they need the sun to literally come awake. You can catch a snake in the early morning, but what they will do in heat of day is retreat into cool spots where they can wait for game with minimal expenditure of energy. Grassy areas around tree trunks or bushy areas NEXT TO TRAFFIC SPOTS for rodents is their favorite. They are largely hunters of opportunity and they will seek cool once their bodies are up to temp. And there's two basic types of sticks we use: hook-tipped sticks and fork-tipped sticks. Hook-tips being rather harder to find, we often just go with a stout stick with a fork on it's end and any other long stick you can find. 6 or 8 foot long sticks are nice. Reach on into the matted taller grass lumps and look for your snake and when you find him he'll be wicked disturbed and start to threaten, show teeth, some snakes hiss at you, they try to escape if they can, you gotta tease them out into the open. Then you can distract them with one stick and pin their necks with the forked stick. Snakes can't see far and they react to the closest threat. Make it the stick, not you.

Then smash their heads with a rock repeatedly until they basically don't have a head anymore. Or my preferred method is to grab them by the tail, whirl them once around my head (keep's 'em from biting you plus you develop radial velocity) and "crack the whip" which pretty much destroys their whole spinal collum instantly and the creature is out of suffering as fast as possible.

Cooked through, most snakes taste pretty good to any starving human. I hope you've enjoyed this latest Oyate comment but I blame no one for reviling me for it.

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