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Zionist "Lebensraum" - Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev

Scores of Bedouin men were standing on a yellow hill, sharing their experiences from the early morning hours, while all around them uprooted olive trees lay on the ground. A whole village comprising between 40 and 45 houses had been completely razed in less than three hours. I suddenly experienced deja vu: an image of myself walking in the rubbles of a destroyed village somewhere on the outskirts of the Lebanese city of Sidon emerged. It was over 25 years ago, during my service in the Israeli paratroopers. But in Lebanon the residents had all fled long before my platoon came, and we simply walked in the debris. There was something surreal about the experience, which prevented me from fully understanding its significance for several years. At the time, it felt like I was walking on the moon. This time the impact of the destruction sank in immediately. Perhaps because the 300 people who resided in al-Arakib, including their children, were sitting in the rubble when I arrived, and their anguish was evident; or perhaps because the village is located only 10 minutes from my home in Be'er Sheva and I drive past it every time I go to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; or perhaps because the Bedouins are Israeli citizens, and I suddenly understood how far the state is ready to go to accomplish its objective of Judaising the Negev region; what I witnessed was, after all, an act of ethnic cleansing. They say the next intifada will be the Bedouin intifada. There are 155,000 Bedouins in the Negev, and more than half of them live in unrecognised villages without electricity or running water. I do not know what they might do, but by making 300 people homeless, 200 of them children, Israel is surely sowing dragon's teeth for the future.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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@ Renzulli’s Hasbara techniques


The Israeli fight for survival & right to exist mantra [insert violins here].  Yeah, and some of those “skirmishes” were the ones that created terrorism in the ME. 


Just curious, if it is so okay for the Israeli soldiers to conduct such actions, why isn’t it okay for the opposition to defend themselves against them?  Better yet, why is it not okay for others to do exactly what the IDF is doing? 


I think, Renzulli, that Israel’s actions have proven that it is Israel that is “determined to destroy other civilizations” and not the other way around.  The Palestinians are proof of it.  And so are the Lebanese.  And the rest of the Israel’s unfortunate “neighbors.”  Whatever makes Israel’s actions so justified?  The fact that you are getting paid to say so or the fact that Israelis are self-appointed god’s “Chosen People”?


“The enemy in question has no regard for human life including the well being of their own. Israel's military is doing exactly what it should be doing: responding to force with force.”  This one is a screamer.  Yeah, really, Israel proves itself over and over again on this one and leaves the thousands of dismembered bodies of women and children behind to prove it (see Lebanon and Gaza).  One that lives by the sword, like Israel, can only expect to die by the sword.


By the way, Renzulli, don’t you feel just a little sick in your stomach spewing such garbage for money?  And, dude, with a name like Renzulli.  You must be a shame to good Catholics everywhere!



Comment by Lola Flores
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 Wow!  The winds have changed at Freedomsphoenix.  It was only a few months back (before the Flotilla fiasco, of course) that saying anything remotely critical of Israel would have earned the poster a noose around his/her neck but look at you now!  You've come a long way, baby!  Be proud!

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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In a domestic sense I would agree. However, the Israelis have had to fight numerous wars and skirmishes just to be able to continue to exist. There is no justification to diminish the conduct of soldiers in wartime when it comes to actions like this. None of the villagers were killed. They were run out of their homes and their town/village obliterated. If you fight an enemy determined to destroy your civilzation (such is what Islamists want to do to us and Israel) then tactics like this are completely justified. The enemy in question has no regard for human life including the well being of their own. Israel's military is doing exactly what it should be doing: responding to force with force.

Comment by Justen Robertson
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Re: previous comment, innocent people, especially children, do not deserve to be be rendered homeless because their villages or neighborhoods also happen to be home to criminals. We don't raze an entire neighborhood every time cops accuse it of harboring a gang member; if we followed that principle in our own country most of Los Angeles would be in ruins.

Geography, in other words, does not create culpability. This same kind of collectivist nonsense is used to justify the actions of murderers who crash airplanes into buildings and drop bombs on weddings. The accusation that criminals may be present is irrelevant; harming people unrelated to a crime in pursuance of a criminal is a crime itself, and is unforgivable, regardless of the weight of the accusation.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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If the Israelis do raze a village or destroy homes it is usually since their military or intelligence having determined that the place in question has been harboring terrorists or complicit in assisting them. This is a moral and regular practice on the part of IDF in places like Gaza since nearby Israeli villages were the subject of terrorist attacks by ground. It was at that point the Israelis erected their border wall. Soon after doing so, the ground attacks stopped. What is being spewed by the bedouins the author quotes is nothing but lies and outright crap.

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