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Federal judge blocks major parts of S1070

• Arizona Capitol Times

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 Brewer also said she was disappointed by the ruling, but encouraged by the fact that Bolton left some sections intact, such as the “sanctuary city” provision that prohibits cities from restricting the enforcement of immigration law. (National ID Parts?)

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010 7:08 am

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New World Order
Russell Pearce National ID for Arizonans Survives SB1070 Court Challenge
John Green
   In a ruling today, the federal judge struck down everything that occurs at the time and after a police stop, but left everything in before the police stop, including the sending of law abiding Arizonans drivers license information to the feds.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 Just another case of "selective enforcement". Bolton kept the Real ID stuff the feds have long wanted, and the "sanctuary city" prohibition which is useless as Obama has made it clear his immigration policy is "Open Borders" with  no real enforcement of immigration laws. Arizona was specifically permitted by federal law to enact a state law like SB 1070 that enforced federal immigration laws to control illegal migration. Arizona should not only appeal Bolton's ruling, but sue Obama for treason, extortion, and conflict of interest with regard to his remarks to Senator Kyl about his refusal to secure the border until Congress grants Obama's carte blanche amnesty plan for illegal aliens. Could it be he has a real conflict of interest, seeing he is also an "undocumented worker"? Obama is very seriously abusing the Oval Office, and should be called to accountability in his siding with Mexico against Americans. Just look at his BLM signs warning the public not to venture south of I-8 due to the lethal dangers of drug cartels, thieves, ande coyotes. Mexican President Calderon openly promotes illegal immigration, assists with intructional brochures, maps, and aid stations! This is an invasion by a foreign country and Obama sides with the enemy! He should be tried for treason and endangering national security.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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I for one am glad this happened s1070 is some NWO syuff, as for SB1070 thats something completely different from the S1070  that Mr. H4njob references in his misleading headline.

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