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Tim Lahaye, Evangelical Christian Minister, Warns Obama Bringing Us Closer To 'The Apocalypse**Q

• Elyse Siegel via the Huffingtion Post
Evangelical Christian minister Tim LaHaye says that the policy initiatives put forth by the Obama administration are bringing the country "closer to the apocalypse."

LaHaye issued the dire warning in an appearance this week on Mike Huckabee's talk show on Fox News.

"Our present president doesn't seem to get it," LaHaye explained. "He doesn't understand that some of the things he's introducing that many of us call 'raw socialism' -- it's a different name, but it's essentially government control and government domination of everything."

The evangelical voice said of the political platform maintained by the Obama administration, "It's going to work against our country and bringing us closer to the apocalypse."

Huckabee went on to prod LaHaye a bit further on his assertion. "Are we now living in the end times, from your perspective?" asked the former Arkansas Governor and possible 2012 White House contender.

LaHaye's response: "Very definitely, governor."


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Comment by Carrie Taranova
Entered on:

Why so surprised ? 

Obama is a MUSLIM and to bring on the Apocalypse is their goal !

Along with wiping out all Jews and Christians !

Obama is USING his Whtie House postition to do just that.

He never cared about America or Americans.  He actually hates America and Americans.

He is an illegal alien here himself.  So natraully he's all for amnesty, because it would include him himself.

His goal from day one has been to CHANGE  America into his Marxist Communist dream world = Remember the title of his book - -

"Dreams of my Father" - - and what were those dreams ?

For a One World Government (OWG) = a Muslim  Communist Marxist OWG !

Obama is NOT 'black' - he is ARAB and white.  But since his plans are to USE American black people for his plan, he needs them to believe his lie of being 'black' so they will follow him like the Pied Piper.

Arabs are not well recieved here, so he has to keep that  secret truth hidden.

Would the black people have voted for him if they knew he was really an Arab Muslim  who planned to use them for his personal  agenda ?  And  if they knew his  family sold the Black African slaves way back when, and currently some still do !  So he lied about it all, and has paid over $2 million to keep his secrets ! 

He has plans to USE our American black people for his personal power agenda, so he has to keep baiting them. Once he's done with them and they have served his purpose - he will toss them over-board as well.  In the meantime he is making fools out of our American blacks !  And I resent that !

So that is what he's been doing all along !  That is why he keeps baiting the race issue that he's pushed since his first day in front of the cameras.

HE IS USING RACE TO GET A RACE WAR GOING - HE NEEDS A GREAT CIVIL UPHEAVAL AND CHAOS IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH  HIS OWG GOAL.  It is also why Bush and he have forced the borders to stay wide open and they WANT all the illegals here and not only for their vote, as illegal as those votes are - that is what he's counting on to keep him in power.  Plus all the crime the illegals are doing all plays a part in the chaos needed by DC (Obama) to establish their evil OWG !  And they WANT lots of GUN cirmes even if  they have to orchastrate them  themselves,  in order to use that as the excuse to disarm America!

As FDR stated - "NOTHING  happens in government or the nation that is not planned without a reason and purpose !"

Many of us knew this BEFORE he was placed in office.

But no one wanted to listen !

Are you listening NOW ?


Comment by Roberta Cantwell
Entered on:

I would think the evangelical's would want this to happen---brings them closer to the rapture that is not going to happen.

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