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Everyone Can Stay: Green Cards Are on The (White) House

Increase the use of "deferred action," the most controversial proposal in the memo because it would involve the government formally choosing not to pursue the removal of certain illegal immigrants who are deemed to be worthy of remaining in the U.S. because they have established ties in this country and have not committed any crimes. President Barack Obama has come under fire from GOP lawmakers accusing his administration of pushing for backdoor "amnesty" for illegal immigrants after an internal draft memo surfaced this week that outlines myriad options that could benefit thousands of illegal immigrants.
The 11-page document, which an Obama administration official on Friday stressed does not represent official policy and includes ideas that aren't under active consideration, explores options that could be used to prevent immigrants in the country without authorization from being removed if Congress continues to stall on comprehensive reforms of the nation's immigration system.
GOP lawmakers say the memo shows the Obama administration is looking for ways to circumvent Congress to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. The memo on Friday fueled attacks by conservatives opposed to any form of legalization for illegal immigrants and may have created another stumbling block in Obama's effort to find bipartisan support for immigration reform.
Legal experts, however, said the memo shows the agency is trying to work within existing laws to improve the nation's broken immigration system. "It's saying, 'Let's look at some reasonable measures we can take within the authority of the agency until Congress is able to make some major changes to the statute,' " said Lynn Marcus, co-director of the immigration-law clinic at the University of Arizona.
The memo was prepared for Alejandro Mayorkas, director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Homeland Security agency in charge of immigration benefits, by staffers from within the agency. Those included former Phoenix immigration attorney Roxana Bacon, now the agency's chief counsel. The memo outlines options that could reduce the threat of deportation for some illegal immigrants or visa violators in order to "promote family unity, foster economic growth and achieve significant process improvements." Some options offered: • Let illegal immigrants granted temporary protected status after fleeing natural disasters in their countries apply for legal permanent residency if they qualify.
Currently, immigrants with temporary protected status cannot apply for legal permanent residency if they entered illegally. There are as many as 1 million people in the U.S. with the status. The status was most recently granted to illegal immigrants from Haiti in the wake of this year's devastating earthquake. • Expand the use of "parole" to let certain illegal immigrants inside the United States apply for legal permanent residency for "urgent humanitarian reasons" or "significant public benefit." • Increase the use of "deferred action," the most controversial proposal in the memo because it would involve the government formally choosing not to pursue the removal of certain illegal immigrants who are deemed to be worthy of remaining in the U.S. because they have established ties in this country and have not committed any crimes.
Once an illegal immigrant receives deferred status, he is eligible for work permits, but it doesn't help him gain legal permanent residency. Currently, deferred action is rarely granted. The government can renew the protected status for defined periods. Some immigrants have lived under the status for more than a decade. Christopher S. Bentley, a spokesman for the CIS in Washington, D.C., declined to discuss the contents of the memo. But in a prepared statement, he said that internal draft memos should not be equated with official action or policy. He reiterated the Obama administration's stance that "comprehensive bipartisan legislation, coupled with smart, effective enforcement, is the only solution to our nation's immigration challenges." He also denied the agency is pursuing a backdoor amnesty, as some GOP lawmakers contend. "To be clear, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation's entire illegal immigrant population," Bentley said.
There were an estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the country in January 2009, according to the department. Although it is possible to grant deferred action to an unlimited number of illegal immigrants, the memo acknowledges doing so would likely be controversial and expensive.
The memo suggests using it instead for particular groups such as people who might qualify for the Dream Act, a proposal in Congress that would grant legal permanent residency to individuals brought to this country illegally as children if they are attending college or serving in the military.
In a June 21 letter, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, whose office uncovered the memo, and other GOP senators had asked Obama about rumors that his administration was considering a widespread use of "deferred action" or "parole" for large numbers of illegal immigrants. Grassley considers the idea "a large-scale, de facto amnesty program" and, in the letter, he and the other senators warned Obama that such a move "would further erode the American public's confidence in the federal government and its commitment to securing the borders and enforcing the laws already on the books." Grassley and other senators followed up Monday with a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, seeking details about how her department was using the "deferred action" and "parole" authorities. "Since we first wrote to the president more than a month ago, the administration has failed to reassure us that the information we were hearing was inaccurate," Grassley said in a written statement provided to The Republic. "The document provides an additional basis for our concerns that the administration will go to great lengths to circumvent Congress and unilaterally execute a backdoor amnesty plan.
The problem remains that if you reward illegality, you get more of it. Our first order of business must be to secure the border and enforce the laws on the books." Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, called the memo disturbing. "I hope the Obama administration would first be exploring and implementing plans to secure our nation's borders and put an end to the daily operations of narcoterrorist groups in the United States," Brewer said. "The accumulated impact of years of federal failure needs to stop. It is clear that Americans want the border secure first, and unilaterally granting amnesty only encourages additional lawlessness."

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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The Obama administration filed a lawsuit to stop a new law taking affect in Arizona that makes it a crime for Arizona employers to hire illegal aliens; has Obama’s lawsuit extended an invitation to illegal immigrants to illegally enter Arizona to seek employment?

Any law that is enforced that stops illegal U.S. immigration, threatens socialist and communist agendas; both ideologies promulgate overburdening financially U.S. Government, local and state infrastructures to force economic and public chaos on Citizens. Marxists historically move on democracies when they are in Economic and Social Crisis. Obama’s refusal to enforce illegal immigration laws and secure the border is playing into the hands of the REDS. Obama’s Socialist/Marxist constituents, many in U.S. Government, intend to absorb into their ranks millions of illegal immigrants via Amnesty to force their leftist ideology on Americans—that mandate U.S. Citizens share their wealth with the masses—globally. Obama appears intended to leave the border open or so poorly secured, that 12 million more illegal immigrants can enter America, insuring Obama’s leftist constituency can find—several million (foreign born) residents to push for a Socialist America. Illegal immigrants now protest on America’s streets demanding U.S. Taxpayers pay for their education, health care and an array of other welfare costs.

Openly some in the Obama Government admit they want to dismantle capitalism; that would result in most Americans becoming unemployed, many forever. Historically, under producing Marxist governments have made communism work at the onset—by eliminating civilian populations considered not critical, until they reach a number the communist government can support; and by cannibalizing assets seized from imprisoned and terminated Citizens. Are you a critical Citizen?

Obama a red diaper baby—does not represent America or any country, but a Marxist ideology. Marxism—mandates crushing democracies, individualism and forcing socialism or worse on U.S. Citizens. If you look at Obama’s past life, he spent much of his time associating with Communists and Marxist groups and like individuals. Perhaps supporting a leftist agenda, Obama has succeeded in crippling the U.S. economy, forcing new taxes and regulatory costs on U.S. businesses to where Americans are afraid to invest, afraid to hire new employees. In 2011 Obama intends to hugely raise your taxes to pay for trillions in debt he continues to rack up imploding public welfare programs and government bureaucracies. In the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Obama forced mandated unaffordable health insurance costs on Americans.

Increasingly Americans believe Obama is trying to destroy the United States economically, making it impossible for the U.S. to pay for a sufficient military defense, to force America to subordinate to a global form of socialist government. Whether or not that is true, what might happen to America if it can’t afford a strong military defense? What would Communist China do?

Historically, when leftists like Obama have been elected to government, they—target democracies by appointing to courts and judicial bodies, individuals that might help in the destruction of a nation to advance their leftist ideology. (Kagan)? Many believe Obama in the White House is a threat to National Security. Obama took an oath as President to uphold the Constitution but did Obama lie, commit fraud to move into the White House? While Americans talk about impeachment, consideration should be given to investigating Obama for Treason if he has directly or covertly supported communist activity since being elected President. Communism calls for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Not long ago, it was common in American to arrest promulgators of communism. Perhaps that should be revisited...

Should Obama politically, keep his hands off your children?

U.S. schoolteachers now instruct their youngest pupils to sing songs about him. Robin Hood he is not, but he does take money from Citizens to give it to others. His name is Barack Obama. One need only look to the White House to confirm how a promulgated ideology (socialism) can influence a child and destroy a nation. If Obama-ism is not stopped it will spread like a disease infecting our youth, inspiring a form of Marxist-socialism that will destroy the quality of life for Americans. Let there be no doubt Patriots are at War with those in our nation that intend a rein of RED TERROR on the principals that made America great.

If Obama's leftists associations get their way (The Disclose Act), our Children will be brainwashed by Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that restrict the free flow of information. Meanwhile leftists relentlessly recruit children in grade and high schools to support leftist agendas most children don’t understand that call for the destruction of America and its Constitution.  

The majority of Americans have  no U.S. Government. The Obama Government is not representative of the United States, its Constitution or the majority will of the People. Effectively the U.S. Government has been high jacked. Whether a leftist coup or a mixed form of fascism is taking place, remains to be seen. That may be determined after the November 2010 elections.