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Slavery, Both Earthly and Cosmic: Tracy R. Twyman talks with Christopher Knowles

• Liberty Cap Press/The Invisible Hand
In a two-part interview with The Invisible Hand, Tracy R. Twyman talks to Christopher Knowles, artist, blogger, psychonaut, and author of Our Gods Wear Spandex, as well as The Complete X-Files. Knowles publishes The Secret Sun, a website that analyzes ancient symbolism in modern society from a Jungian perspective.

In part 1, Chris and Tracy taxied through the byways of the collective unconscious to explore ancient religious symbolism in the memes of modern culture. This week they leave the launching pad and blast off into the unknown, as they ask: Are the dystopian worlds of science fiction, as well as the dystopian reality of neofeudal debt slavery, hypnocratic illusion, and police state oppression we live in today really a reflection of a larger cosmic order that is also flawed? Are we enslaved just as much by our skewed perception of reality through time and space as we are by our corrupt political and economic systems? They navigate through some particularly dangerous, unchar

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