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The Military-Industrial Complex Got “Pwned”

• GabeAquino

Now that Wikileaks has finally hit the Mainstream Media, one phrase that you’ll hear repeatedly is the “compromise” of classified military intelligence. “Classified” being another word for secret, of course, for the sake of the military having less friction while operating in war. In order to maintain superiority, a military must maintain such a high level of security, for if even a single sinew in the complex matrix, that is military intelligence, fails, then the whole system will fail. This is a given.

Now imagine that the actions of our military were astronomically expensive, imperialist, unconstitutional, but most importantly, unjust (wild idea, I know).
Imagine that debt was created simply for its continuation.
Imagine that 729 bases in 130 countries worldwide diminished the international standing of the United States.
Imagine that our Founding Fathers warned against creating these spheres of influence and entangling alliances, so much so, that The Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land states that carrying out such a fiscal irresponsibility would be treason.
Imagine hundreds of thousands of civilians (possibly millions) have been killed.
Imagine that war paranoia in the United States is the greatest incentive for Americans to give up their civil liberties.
Imagine no progress has been made.

So… there was a president… whose administration initiated these two wars. During this administrations, the so-called opposition party continued to finance these wars. Then, the so called “change” president was voted into office to end both wars. Nothing happened.


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