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Roadside Emergency Kits

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“Just the Basics” Roadside Emergency Kit

To be better prepared for roadside emergencies, every prepper should keep some basic supplies in their vehicle. The recommended supplies are divided into two kits: the “Just the Basics” kit (things that everyone should keep in their car), and the “Kitchen Sink” kit (less critical items that might be useful when dangers are more likely, such as when traveling on a long trip).

Item Use
Cell phone with car charger Call for help
Small gas can Retrieve gas
Folding shovel Dig out tires; make a fire pit
Jumper cables or Jumpstart battery
Jump a dead battery
Flashlight with spare batteries and
car adapter
Safely navigate the dark; wave down
Roadside triangle reflectors or flares Warn others of a disabled vehicle,
accident, or roadside hazard
Small tool kit (e.g., screwdrivers,
adjustable wrench, pliers)
Perform basic repairs
First aid kit Assist those with medical needs
Tow strap Free a stuck vehicle; tow a disabled
vehicle a short distance
Notepad and pen Leave notes when you abandon your
vehicle; write down tag numbers of a
drunk driver
ResQme device Cut seat belt if trapped; break out
windows if vehicle becomes
Roll of heavy-duty duct tape Tape broken windows; fix tears; build
shelters; secure enemy’s hands;
countless other uses
Windshield ice scraper Clean snow and ice from window
Spare tire, jack, lug wrench, and
small board to put under jack
Change flat tire
Warm blankets Keep warm when stranded
Pair of comfortable walking shoes
and socks
Walk to safety
Maps and/or GPS unit Navigate to safety
A few bottles of water Stay hydrated

A more thorough roadside emergency kit can be stored in a large duffel bag. Having it in a bag allows you to quickly load or unload it. Ideally, the duffel should have shoulder straps, enabling you to easily carry it should you be forced to abandon your vehicle. Below is a general list of emergency supplies. You should review the list and tailor it to your specific needs and any likely threats for your area.

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