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Concealed Carry: A Middle-Road View?

• Massad Ayoob via
The current edition of Harper’s magazine carries a cover story on concealed carry, illustrated with an Andy Warhol portrait of a High Standard Sentinel .22 revolver…ironically, more of a Backwoods Home utility handgun than a concealed carry piece, but what the heck.

It is a very articulate story from a man who carried a Colt Detective Special .38 for some time, and understood the power and responsibility he carried with it. In the end, he decided not to carry every day. Some in the gun world see that as a cop-out. I noticed that the author reserved the option to carry it on long drives or in other situations where he felt less secure than usual. In the end, it’s his choice. Hell, I know a lot of determined, busy Second Amendment Rights activists who don’t carry a gun every day, either, and I’ve known some who don’t carry at all…and there are a few 2A supporters who don’t even own a gun. While I am one of those who does carry a gun daily wherever and whenever it is legal, I don’t think those who choose otherwise are Commies or anything.

Give it a read. You can find it here. The editors at Harper’s did something interesting. The glued-on flyleaf on the cover reads “My Concealed Weapon and You.” Turn it over, though, and the subtitle for the article on the actual cover says, “My Concealed Weapon and Me.”

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